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Everything you need to move your online
teaching business to the next level.

Asynchronous learning
Asynchronous learning
Synchronous learning
Synchronous learning
Blended learning
Blended learning

Build your brand

You have your online teaching business but don’t have a brand yet. You are
tired of using LMS websites that offer the same templates to thousands of
teachers. Contact us to create your unique teaching platform. Your brand is
your identity. It becomes your marketplace, where you introduce yourself as an
education service provider.

Only you can determine what your personal brand is, which means you have free reign in the design of your personal logo. Whether you’re traditional, trendy, or tough, your logo should stay true to you.

The most significant advantage is that you don’t sell your courses on other e-learning platforms, where you have to pay commissions and promote their brand. You build your brand and promote your own education service.

The choice is yours - to make a brand or to go with a brand.

Build your brand
Full responsive website

Full responsive website and
user-friendly design

Your website design and development should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform, and orientation.

Your website provides the same experience regardless of the device. It looks and functions as high on a full-screen laptop as on any other device.

Stay in touch with your students on every platform.

Sell online course

Sell online course from your own website and earn money without sharing your income

Have your own in-built e-commerce capability.

Introduce your content and e-teaching service to your students at your
website instead of selling your courses on other platforms.

All you need to do as a specialized
education service provider is to:

  • Plan course
  • Record video
  • Price course
  • Build community
  • Earn money

On different platforms, you earn just a piece of your income, on your e-teaching platform you get the advantage. The fantastic thing about this is that you own all the money you make, with 0% transaction fees.

Organize live video conferencing and webinars

Increase your revenue by attracting new learners with the help of events - video conferences, webinars, live streams.

Give all the required information about the upcoming events: what it is about, the duration, costs, etc. Your visitors easily reserve their seat with one click. It helps to grow your audience and raise your reputation.

Organize live video
E-learning analytics

E-learning analytics

E-learning analytics provide insight about how learners are performing today, and also about their future performance throughout the e-learning course.

You as an education service provider, gain the ability to custom tailor e-learning experiences for every individual learner. You get the opportunity to check your students progress with the help of reporting and statistical tools.

Thanks to e-learning analytics data, your students have the opportunity to enhance their performance.

Pay one-time, use lifetime

One-time payment for a website gives you lifetime access. As far as you purchase the e-teaching site, you are entitled to a lifetime license. It means you are guaranteed to use your platform the way you like.

You decide everything on this platform. You choose to host any files, pdf, word, ppt, etc. You pay for the product (website) only the first time, and you never face any additional fee, subscription fee, or other hidden fees.

Get the opportunity to install unlimited online courses. Become an online instructor, inspire students with your education service and earn money throughout your lifetime.

Pay one-time
A big option of sales

A big option of sales and marketing tools

The most important factors, which guarantee your success are sales and marketing tools, including referral marketing and affiliate marketing.

Once you own an e-teaching website, you have the chance to increase new customer growth for your business. You distribute the affiliate codes you own to people, who advertise your brand. In turn, you pay them a piece of profit for each new customer.

Referral marketing allows your students to become your company’s advocates by recommending your brand to their friends and family. It requires promotional efforts and the incentive of rewards to get customers to cooperate.

Your personal blog

Share your research, thoughts, and articles (educational, informative, etc.) in your blog, under your logo, within your all-in-one platform.

With the help of blog articles, you guide your students on how to focus on the essential points and benefit from your courses, how to make progress, or whatever you find appropriate for your e-teaching website.

Your personal blog
Your own forum

Your own forum

In today’s highly competitive online world, a forum is a powerful tool that helps to attract more visitors to your website, convert them into happy learners, and improve your page ranking. Only having your own website will give you the advantage of having own forum.

It plays an important role when your visitors are at the very first stage.

Discuss, receive opinions, and comments of your satisfied students and attract new learners.

Your custom online store

Sell your products online.

Your e-teaching website includes a custom online store where your visitors find products related to your specific brand.

The collection may include T-shirts, phone cases, drinkware, jewelry, and whatever else you find appropriate for your brand.

Your custom online store